"We need to be more fiscally responsible in Helena, with a common-sense approach
to getting back to basics.  The issues at the heart of my campaign are jobs; fiscal
responsibility; lower taxes; quality education; and quality affordable health care."
Carl Glimm
Republican Candidate, MT House District 8
Fiscal Responsibility / Lower Taxes
These are uncertain economic times.  We all have a family budget and we know we
can’t spend more than we take in.  The state government should understand this
concept.   Fiscal responsibility will be my top priority with every piece of legislation I
look at.  After all, it’s our citizens' money, not the State’s money.  We've all worked
hard for it, and it should be spent wisely.  
The Flathead needs jobs.  Unemployment is at 8.5%.  Too many workers have had to
leave the Flathead over the last several years to make it. Small businesses are the life
blood of our country.  We need to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit, for people to
start businesses that will grow and prosper.  Montana needs to attract new industry.  I
will support legislation to make Montana and the Flathead friendly to businesses and
attractive to new companies seeking to start or expand here.
Quality Affordable Health Care
We are all aware of the Health care reform mess at the national level; we have a
responsibility to address this issue at the state level.  One specific issue that has been
avoided by Congress is tort reform. Texas has taken the lead with regard to frivolous
malpractice suits; we must make positive reforms in Montana.
Our children are the future of our state.  I believe they need the best education we can
give them and we need to have jobs here for them when they move into the workforce.  
As a product of 16 years of public education in Montana’s quality school system, I
would like nothing better than for my kids to be able to stay here in our great State.
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Glimm for House
                 Montana State House District 6