Carl Glimm
for House District 8
Carl Glimm and Family
Carl Glimm out for a ride
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My six-year-old daughter, Rylee, and my ten-year-old son, Matt, are
the driving reasons that I am running for office.  I want to serve in the
Montana State Legislature because I see where our state and nation
are heading and I am extremely concerned.  Everyone asks what one
person can do.  Well, I believe this is what I can do.   I want to make a
I grew up in Montana and I want to leave our state better for our
children. I think that Montana can be a leader for the Nation and we
should pass legislation that will make other states say “That’s a great
idea; we should pass that as well.”  If enough states pass the same
law, the politicians in Washington will take note and realize that we
want better control of our government.  I’m running because I care.
Welcome to the official website for Carl Glimm, Republican candidate
for Montana House of Representatives, District 6.  

With the support of the voters in House District 6, I believe that I can
make a difference for Montana.  Montana needs a grassroots,
common sense approach of fiscal discipline and smaller government.

House District 6 is a large district, which encompasses the area west
of Kalispell and North of Highway 2 up to Highway 93 and around
Whitefish Lake.  Representing the citizens in my district will provide
me with opportunity and responsibility to positively impact everyone
in the entire State.  

Thank you for visiting my site and for your interest in my campaign!
Why I'm Running
Carl Glimm hunting
Glimm for House
              Montana State House District 6